LesGrandsVoisins.fr/.com is a project extension in a virtual world of Les Grands Voisins insomuch as it:

  • is a space (digital websites lesgrandsvoisins.fr/.com and lesgrandsvoisins.com/.fr) and an identity (a trademark deposited the same day as another holder, rendering it defacto public domain)
  • provides events ; infrastructure (or at least a network) for non-profits, artists, artisans, social enterprises and ; social purpose through concrete action.
  • is a governance structure.

One participant describes it as a place where professionals do things together.

For now, we are meeting every two weeks in the sharted Zoom account.

Here is the HackPad with our configuration information: https://hackmd.io/team/lesgrandsvoisins

We will be watching a movie together on Monday, April 20 on the Shared Zoom Account at 8:15 PM.

See the original Manifesto from 2017.