Digital Inclusion

The internet is a new opportunity to exclude marginalized populations. Our efforts here are to invite digitally marginalized populations to be able to participate in the virtual society. This is done by setting up computer rooms and giving computer classes to otherwise internet-challenged students.

I put in place three-way partnerships between:

  • Social Workers,
  • Beneficiaries (Students), and
  • Volunteers

to set up computer rooms in emergency-housing or similar facilities and animate workshops.

I also would appreciate donations of computers by businesses and non-profits for our effort.

I also animate a group a solo-entrepreneurs in a self-support group.

Digital Inclusion with Aurore, the ACP and others

This is about:

  • coordinating with social workers to set up computer rooms and run computer workshops in temporary housing centers or similar spaces;
  • soliciting computer equipment from large companies for redistribution to those on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Work addressing the digital divide started in 2015 and continues with the public-utility Aurore (social services in Paris, housing tens of thousands of marginalized persons) by setting up and maintaining computer rooms and setting up and running weekly workshops in foyers d’hébergement d’urgence, in centres d’accueil du jour and in salles polyvalentes for marginalized persons, for teaching volunteers and for social workers.