Video Conferencing

The goal is to provide a shared space that be comfortable, accessible and secure. After considering different alternatives, we settled on Zoom simply because it seems to work.  Other reasonable alternatives are WebEx, Google Meet and Jitsi. Criteria for choice are availability, robustness, security, accessibility, ubiquity, etc. We can change if convenient, and I am actually interested in Jitsi (for similar reasons I am interested in Telegram over WhatsApp and GNU Mailman over Mailchimp).

The Zoom Pro account is open to all at one unique address @ the below link. The link already incorporates the meeting ID and password.

Meeting ID : 692 814 3463 Password : sesame

Here is a share Ressource Video Conference Link via Jit.Si

How We Use Our Shared Zoom Room

No need for a user account, but we do now verify people as they join scheduled meetings to avoid spammers. Previously registered and associated accounts can bypass the lobby salon. The waiting room is generally deactivated and the room open outside of scheduled meetings. Scheduled meetings also have standing breakout rooms for flexibility and security.

Most meetings have a *telephone option**to complement the video*** through the internet, and as a back-up solution for audio-only participation. When you join, you can choose to use telephone audio instead of the audio through the internet in order to have a more stable voice connexion. This can be important, because we have a much better experience with smooth audio even if the video is choppy. Telephone-audio only is a backup last-resort solution and information on that is further down.

If possible please do activate your video right away. As a matter of courtesy, the host or so-host will try to acknowledge you soon after you enter. Having your video on will allow you to physically raise your hand for example. You are welcome in the meeting.

We sometimes have background noise. Be mindful if your microphone is muted or unmuted. Please unmute when it is your turn to talk and mute otherwise.  The host or co-hosts also have the option of muting you, so don’t be surprised. There are times when we do all talk together, so unmute then as well.

There is no recording of audio nor video by anyone. Settings are such that the option is not available to hosts nor to any participants. No participant my bypass this technical block by other means. The public text chats and text chats to the host are recorded, so be mindful about what you type.

You, the host and co-hosts have the possibility of renaming you. Do give yourself an understandable name or don’t be surprised if a Host does so for you. Sometimes we have generic names that are hard to identify (such as “Galaxy A4” that are better understood when “Hovik” for example).

You have a host of tools available to you in the conference including chats, participant lists, grid view (my preferred, and necessary for a host)  or speaker view, “hide-self” by right-clicking on your own video feed to not be distracted by looking at you (a relief for me), shared screen (remember check box to activate computer sound if you will share video) and even remote control of a computer (if consent given).

We have the possibility of “breakout rooms.” These rooms allow for mini-sub meetings between participants. Attendance can be randomly assigned or manually assigned by the host (no co-hosts, sorry). I sometimes use a breakout room to provide assistance to individual members.

Otherwise, please respect protocols of digital decorum. Please limit talking only to one person, instead of the whole group.

If you are new to Zoom, don’t worry, it is accessible. Instructions are below. Text me if there are any issues (+337668403838).

Installing for the First Time (Smartphone and/or Computer)

From a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC), just click on the above meeting link. You will be guided through the installation.

From on an Android smartphone or tablet, please click here from your Android device to  install the Zoom app from Google Play  before clicking on the above meeting link

From an iPhone or iPad, please click here from your iOS device (ie. Apple iPhone or iPad) to install the Zoom app from the App Storebefore clicking on the above meeting link

The connexion is established by clicking on the above meeting link or putting the above meeting  link in your web navigator. The navigator will the open your installed Zoom app with your permission (say yes) with the correct meeting room.

Telephone Audio as a Complement to Internet Video or Stand-Alone

You will be asked to connect through your device’s or computer’s audio. Say yes. We do not use a separate telephone audio connection as an option. If you are asked to activate your video, say yes. Audio and video are the two buttons on the bottom left.

Here is a link to audio troubleshooting (a common enough issue):

As a last-ditched effort, you may join in by audio-only by phone (if it is activated for your meeting, and it probably is) you may use the phone option. DIAL-IN ONE-TAP:

Alternative dial-in numbers:

Meeting ID : 692 814 3463
French phone number:

A Word About Administration

Whilst this room is usually kept open without a waiting room or lobby, I will put in place a waiting room when I run an event as a second-level of security. I also intend to keep a permanent breakout room “help” so that I as host may help individual participants or have a side video discussion if need be.

I have spent considerable time and thought tweaking the settings. Should you wish to do the same, I am happy to help.

Room Reservations

This is a shared room. Here are the times when it is reserved.

Other Video-Conf Providers

Other providers are:

  • webex
  • meet from Google
  • Jitsi
  • House Party
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting

Users of the shared video-conf Zoom line

The Paris Philosophy Cafe in English

Men’s Group

A men’s group Bible study meets on Thursday mornings here.

This is a project to bring a sharing space to the digital world.

Mission Outreach, Refugee Ministry

This account is used by Mission Outreach and Refugee Ministry.

Future Events

  • ACP Men’s Group on Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30 AM This is a private meeting for participants of the ACP Men’s Group.
  • Viewing of Videos of the ACP Service on Sundays  from 12:00 to :30 This is a private event not affiliated with the ACP.
  • English-Speaking Café Philo on the first Wednesday of the Month from 7 to 9PM Welcome to the Philosophy Cafe in English ! This is a “Classic Philo Cafe” on the first Wednesday of the month in a cafe in the Latin Quarter (Cafe de Flore). It is public, free (but you must buy a drink) and it lasts 2 hours from 7 to 9 PM on the first. Topics are proposed by the attendees and then one of them is chosen on the basis of its interest as a topic for all. People speak one at a time (there is a microphone). The “model” is the Cafe des Phares (in french) which is every sunday at the place de la Bastille from 11 AM to 13 PM. It’s fun, ….and serious !

Past Events

The Long Bilingual Version / Les explications longues et bilingues